about The Green Acre

Welcome! The Green Acre is a small-scale organic market garden on the Otway coast, run by Jodie Lawson and the resident kelpie-cross Honey. In addition to half an acre of diverse vegetables, herbs, and flowers we also keep bees in Warré style hives, using natural beekeeping methods.

We grow quality, nutrient-dense food with a focus on the health of our soil and wider eco-system, and without chemical fertilisers or harmful sprays. Our packaging is recycled or biodegradable, and we aim to minimise the use of plastics and non-renewable resources on the farm.

The Lawson family have lived in the Apollo Bay area for 40 years. Jodie moved back to the Otways to start The Green Acre in 2016 after a career in shoemaking and textile design. She has studied market gardening and Permaculture with Milkwood in NSW, and worked on organic farms in the USA, Italy, and around Australia.